About Us

Jim Ritter is the owner and founder of Ancora Yacht Service, which he started in 1987.     When he made his first canoe in 1976,  he discovered his love for boats and woodworking and pursued his interest through repairing, building and drafting a variety of vessels.  Since then he has become a shipwright and a refined woodworker, working in boats of all kinds and sizes and has been involved in a variety of other wood projects.  Today Ancora Yacht Service has a list of drawings for small boats, has a storage facility in East Hampton, NY for a variety of small crafts, and services boats all over the East End of Long Island.  Ancora Yacht Services are not confined to this geographic area,  and any difficult wood project will be considered, just ask Jim. Recently he’s been working on an new product called a chain adjusted parallel leg vise. If you use a leg vise or are going to install a leg vise on your workbench, take a look at the link above called “Chain vise” for pictures and a description, as well as email info.