Chain Vise

If your parallel beam is less than 5/8 of an inch in thickness, it will need to be changed, as the end/ell bracket has a minimum width of 5/8 of an inch. If your parallel beam is directly under your stretcher, I’m not sure how you’re going to use these kits. Reconstructing of the vise may need to be done.

Three versions are available. The Basic Kit is designed predominately for a new bench build, where the leg is available for mortising the upper sprocket into the back of the leg. The lower sprocket can be fitted in a number of different manners with shop built brackets.

The Intermediate Kit is for bench builders that do not want to build their own lower sprocket brackets.

The Deluxe Kit is designed for an existing bench and retrofit to an existing vise. No user made parts need be built, and no mortises are required. The only requirement is that a 5/8 inch hole must be drilled through the chop and the leg, and a one inch counterbore about 1/4 in. deep in the front of the leg, which is standard for all three kits. For more information, send an email to [email protected].

All parts, except the chain, are manufactured in the USA. The chain at the moment, is made in China. I am currently trying to source a supplier for US made Chain.

For ordering, see the Kits Page

For those interested in a set of plans for a bench and leg vise that incorporate this kit, please go to the following link:

Derek Cohen, a tester of pre-production kits, installed one on his vise and here is a link to his review of the chain leg vise on his website:

Instructions for installing the End Button.
Instructions for installing the Bracket Hung Upper Sprocket.
Instructions for installing the Upper Sprocket (mortise version).
Instructions for installing the Bracket Hung Lower Sprocket.
Instructions for installing the Lower Sprocket with owner made holders.
Instructions for installing the Ell Brackets.
Instructions for installing the Chain

These photos are pre-production kits and are for general layout only. Actual production parts are slightly different

New bench build basic kit. This is a photo of the first prototype with the mortised upper sprocket, and a builder made bracket for the lower sprocket.

This is a photo of the deluxe kit, ideally suited for a retrofit. No user made parts need be made.

Photos of installed kits:

This photo is actual production pieces installed on a customer's bench.